Launched this year are websites for The Therapy Centre in Westerham; Karen Oscroft's reflexology practice in Kent, and Liz Burton's hypnotherapy practice in Doncaster. New to SiteMaid this year is Annie Bennet's site which markets her book and her practice in London - The Love Trap.

Under way at the moment are sites for Fishers Engineering and holiday villas in Orlando.


First class hosting services are available to SiteMaid clients.

We use a top of the range provider using the latest technology and whose infrastructure is located in the uk.

Choosing a UK based web hosting company will help your position in Google and other search engines.

Your Designs

Hi ... we have been working hard on your designs !!

To have a look at what we are suggesting for your business, please click here or press the button to the left.

Please feel free to comment on anything that you like or do not like.  If you like design3 for instance but just don’t care for the colours, then we can work on that.  Design is a very personal thing and it is impossible to know exactly what a client will like ... what blows one person’s socks off will leave someone else cold !

PLEASE NOTE that all our new websites stretch and contract to fit monitors from 1025 pixels wide and above.  Smaller, older monitors (800 x 600 pixels) will accommodate our websites by scrolling.

Existing client websites hosted by SiteMaid are gradually being updated to suit this technology.  Our standard templates are also being refurbished to fit on the new wider monitors. They will be available to view very soon.

Other services?

SiteMaid Design is primarily noted for making and hosting websites. But other graphic design services are also available so do contact us for details of corporate image creation, stationery design, Blog design and display advertising.